5 Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers With Amazing Sound Quality

Did you know that your wireless speakers are called as loudspeakers? It receives and transmits audio signals at radio frequency (RF) and not audio cable. Hence, such devices will have RF receiver and transmitter. So, it is an obvious question, what is a wireless speaker made of?

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The wireless system has two units. The speaker unit and the other is an RF transmitter. A transmitter is found attached to the audio output of media devices such as television, computer, hi-fi equipment, and mp3 player. It uses an RCA plug to configure the connection. The receiver unit will usually be placed at a point where the listener wants to hear the audio. The wireless receiver will have the full degree of freedom of portability. It can be easily positioned anywhere the user wishes for improved listening and convenience. The receiver unit will have an amplifier that boosts the audio the speaker receives. The receiving unit is powered by AC unit or by portable batteries. If batteries are used, it will have a limited play duration (three to four hours). The wireless speakers can also be operated by rechargeable batteries. The typical wireless speaker will have an operating frequency range identical to that of cordless telephones. 900MHz to be precise. The RF signal can penetrate the ceilings, walls, and other obstructions. The operating area ranges from 150 to 300 feet. To avoid interference with other wireless gadgets operating at the same frequency, most wireless devices will come with variable frequency channels. Using a tuning knob you can adjust the right frequency and select it as your primary channel for transmission of the audio signal. If you are using a Bluetooth version of wireless speakers, you need not set up the control console in visual alignment with the speaker module. Since they use radio communication, it easily penetrates physical obstructions. There are many varieties of wireless speakers that are custom built for a specific purpose.

If you have a single stereo speaker system, then the audio signals will be transmitted into left and right channels of the same speaker. The outdoor speakers are built to be rugged and robust. They are weather resistant. The speakers used in the home, on the other hand, utilize a unique adaptation. The rear speakers are wireless while the foreground speakers are wired. However, some audiophiles maintain a negative take on the wireless speaker system. It is because of the interference with other wireless gadgets, particularly cordless phones and also due to the delivery of poor sound quality compared to the wired modules. Despite being carped by serious audio critiques, the wireless speakers have retained their popularity among consumers and there is an exponential growth in sales of these products. Observing the recent trend, more people are taking their speakers outdoors. Suppose, if you are organizing a garden party, speakers are almost compulsory to keep your guests happy. Who says you can have a happy hour without the music? But, the immediate thought about a wad of wires running the length of your home can offset the idea, prompting you to skip the notion of setting regular speakers outdoors. Also, for the fear of damage from environmental factors. But, that is not the case with wireless speakers. If the speakers can be indoor and don’t worry about the cables, then check this helpful review out: Best Bookshelf Speakers under 500

These speakers are rugged and built to last the tough outdoors without compromising the quality of audio. If you are an outdoorsy person who does not forget to carry music to your garden, cordless speakers are the ideal choices for you. Remember, the cordless speakers we are referring to isn’t something you carry in a pouch or a plug and play device exclusively built for smaller devices. The outdoor speakers are full-time outdoor electronics that are permanently fixed outdoors exposed to environmental factors. However, it is important that you make a careful selection with regards to the position where you place the speakers and also the type of speaker. Since the speaker is exposed to the humidity, wind, rain and sunlight it could be vulnerable to damage. So rather than placing them directly in the exposed area, you can place them in a much neutral position, where it is partially exposed to the harsh outdoor conditions or away from direct influence. Most wireless speakers are particularly vulnerable to one factor more than the rest… Humidity! It is the greatest enemy of an outdoor speaker. It can wreak the audio quality drastically; you will be able to notice the difference upright. Albeit these speakers are built to be robust, they are not waterproof. Due to humidity, the moisture is trapped within the speakers that can be devastating to the components in the interiors. Therefore, many outdoor speaker manufacturers have attempted a plethora of methods to prevent the damage to components from humidity. So, here is exactly what you need to do on your part prior to buying the right speaker.

You must ask yourself what is a right outdoor speaker? And how much you are willing to pay for a well-built model? Remember, the cost is exponential to the audio quality and the ability to withstand the outdoor conditions. Some premium outdoor speaker brands will be uncompromising of prices and will always attach a high price tag for these elite models. Here are some instructions to users before picking your favorite model. Verify the durability of the speaker’s outdoor sustainability. Physically examine by running your finger around the joints and borders of the frames to check for anomalies from the original product description from the manufacturers. Pay attention to the speaker controls like the volume and channel select buttons for any gaps where the water could reach the interiors. Many a times, these areas have some sealant that is water resistant. Verify the type of material the sealant is made of. Visual inspection is almost mandatory. It is the cue you mustn’t ignore while selecting best outdoor wireless speakers.

When you are purchasing a pair of ideal outdoor speaker, it is going to cost you little more than the regular speakers. Cost owes to the waterproofing technology and craftsmanship of the device. If all this may seem too expensive to you, then you can consider purchasing a regular pair of wireless speaker. After using them outdoor, you must carry them back to prevent damage and to ensure prolonged life of the product. Although, wireless speakers are well… wireless, they aren’t entirely well… wireless either. It’s because these devices have an internal amplifier that needs power to function. Now, that is only possible if there is a permanently attached power source in your garden or if that is not possible, the only other alternative is mounting the speaker system on a battery support. If you are using battery powered speakers, it will have limited wattage. It is because, if battery powers your speakers, it will have a lower voltage, and the battery voltage will drop steeply the more you use the speaker. As you continue using the device, you will notice that the max volume of your wireless speaker will drop gradually. If you are using the speaker for outdoor events, that lasts longer, you will need an extra pair of batteries the moment you sense that the installed batteries are drained. If you are relying on the electric power source to power your device, consider using a wall wart power supply and adapter.

5 Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers

1. JBL Authentics L8

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Standing at just 10 inches tall, the speaker has the best in class treble range and rich, deep bass feature. Authentics L8 has the best frequency response with a range of 45Hz to 35 kHz; you can’t stop admiring the quality of sound the speaker produces. Remember, it is sound! And not noise unlike many other speakers out there. It connects via Wi-Fi with DNLA settings. The device has an audio sensitivity of 104dB, which is stochastic if one must say. It is the top favorites among hip hop lovers and bass heads At 80% percent power you would be feeling beats in your chest. How impressive is that! That apart, if you played a complicated mix, you wouldn’t be surprised by a diminished quality tune. The mids and riffs are neatly spread and distinguishable. It gives the user one of a kind listening experience. The build quality of the speaker is great, but not well appreciated for the front grill arrangement that makes it harder to clean, and the body is made of glossy plastic that attracts finger print. But hey! It’s JBL I guess you can forgo all the shortcomings as long as the sound is gold! It costs just $599.95

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2. Omaker M4 outdoor & shower Bluetooth speaker

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It is one of the best outdoor speakers that money can buy. If you wanted a speaker with a rugged configuration that can perfectly fit into your outdoor area, look no further than M4 outdoor speakers from Omaker. The speaker features a solid build that is perfect for the harshness of the outdoors. Weighing less than 200grams, it could be easily carried just about anywhere you can go. M4 is powered by a 1500mAh rechargeable battery offering 12 hours of nonstop playback. The device offers robust dust and splash resistance bearing a rating of IP-54. M4 can easily pair with your mobile gadgets thanks to NFC tag and the Bluetooth 4.0. Streaming your favorite music is just a flick of a switch away. It comes in 2 colors orange and olive green. Its exterior plastic is hard enough to take abuse. An audiophile may rate the device as upper mid-range in terms of performance and sound quality. The music streaming will work efficiently for a range of 33 feet. However, any further than this figure will deteriorate the quality of streaming, and you will notice distortion. The device is sold at $34.99

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3. Definitive Technology AW 6500 Outdoor Speaker

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It is a brilliant product from the Definitive Technology the makers of AW 6500. The Speaker is known for its thunderous bass and superior sound quality that is best in class. However, it is 12 lbs (5.4 kg) making it one of the heaviest speakers in the league of best outdoor audio devices. AW 6500 handles peak power at 200-Watts.The device handles frequency range from 4o Hz to 30 kHz. It also has an audio sensitivity of 92dB. The users of this speaker have reviewed that the woofer that came with the product need not be used as the speakers alone are doing a great job at delivering high-performance audio. It also has a 360-degree swivel making it the most convenient speakers for outdoor purposes. The device is priced $219.99

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4. Klipsch AW650 6.5″

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The AW650 commands a superior sound quality that is unmatched from most top tier brands. It has earned accolades for best performing and most outdoor adaptive speakers ever. It has a UV resistant enclosure and rustproof grille enough to scare you will look. Not mind blowing enough? Dig into the tech specification and you will be demanding for the product. IT has a frequency handling capacity ranging from 70Hz to 20 kHz, bearing sensitivity if 95dB. It has a crossover frequency of 3400Hz. At 9lbs (4.08 kg), AW 160 is a tad too heavy for an outdoor speaker, which is the only downside to this beast. It has a 340-watts peak power and 6.5” Woofer. Ideal product for ardent bass heads! The speaker swivels 90 degrees on its bracket. Monsoon, heat, humidity, nothing can deter AW650 from performing like a top contender. The speakers are priced at $448.98

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5. Polk Audio Atrium 6 Speakers

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The device doesn’t command a stoking bass unlike the previously mentioned brands, but they surely pack a punch in delivering the right notes and tunes. It is a robust all-weather speaker that is full of ruggedness. It features a 5.25” driver cone that is made of butyl rubber. It sports 100 watts of RMS power range. Atrium 6 handles the frequency range of 50Hz to 27 kHz. The speaker has a weight of 5.4lbs (2.44 kg) each. The speakers swivel 180 degrees on the bracket mount for better listening experience. The speakers are priced at $266.99

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