ASUS PA248Q Photo Editing Monitor Review

ASUS PA248Q Photo Editing Monitor Review
Build Quality
  • Amazingly clear screen and color reproduction
  • IPS Panel
  • Great design with tilt and other features
  • Heavy
  • Smaller screen than what normal editing monitors have
4.3Overall Score


Asus PA248Q Monitor is designed for photo editing. It offers Full HD resolution with amazing design that allows the monitor to be tilted, swiveled and so on. It is also featured on our list of best monitor for photo editing. You can check this list out by clicking here. But just because it’s often known as an awesome editing monitor, doesn’t mean that it fails to perform for other applications. It’s an all around good monitor for everyday use and for gaming. It is a monitor that features an IPS panel that is the best monitor technology out there. If you want to read more about the panels you can read our review of best gaming monitors by clicking here.

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Why should you pick it over other monitors?

If price is a concern for you, maybe you are just starting out with your photo editing career or you are just generally not willing to spend as much money on a monitor, then you have just hit a gold vein. It’s hard to find a monitor that offers such price along with astounding specifications. It’s a fairly old monitor, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. It was built future proof and will stay that way for a good while.

Not many monitors offer built in USB 3.0 ports. They are over 10 times faster than the normal USB 2.0 ports and can prove to be extremely convenient. No more reaching for the motherboard to plug in your memory stick or other device, this feature has solved this nuisance. Speaking of features and design, Few monitors, and almost none at this price range, offer height, swivel and tilt adjustments. When it comes to photo editing and editing in general, this is a crucial feature in order to make the work as efficient and productive as possible.

Another good thing about it is that it doesn’t overheat. It runs cool and quiet, providing just a warm touch for the hand.

Given that it’s a monitor for photo editing, it has to have stunning color accuracy, and it does it well. The colors look realistic and the blacks look deep, it has been said that you might as well swap the screen out for an actual photo, it’s that good.

The monitor’s pixel response time is based on gray to gray technology and is 6ms. This means that this is super fine for photo and video editing but decent for gaming. The newer gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 1-2ms, but at 6ms there still isn’t any ghosting and it should do a fine job at it.

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  • Screen size – 24 inches
  • Resolution – 1920 x 1200 (Full HD)
  • Color fidelity calibrated Delta E < 5 – astonishing color accuracy
  • 5-way navigation key
  • Ergonomic design – tilt, pivot, swivel and height adjustment
  • Four USB 3.0 Ports
  • Video interfaces – HDMI and DVI
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:10
  • Monitor refresh rate – 60Hz


If you are looking for a monitor that isn’t too expensive and your main objective is to do serious editing with it, it’s a very nice choice. It’s good for everyday use like watching films, playing games, surfing the web etc. If you think this monitor suits you, believe me, it will suit you, it’s better than you can even expect. Check it out on amazon by clicking on the button below!

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