Best Keyboard for League of Legends

What is the Best Keyboard for League of Legends?

League of Legends, also commonly called LoL, is a popular online moba game. It’s one of the most popular online games, so obviously some keyboards have been designed with LoL in mind. We are here to find out what the best keyboard for league of legends is.

Turns out that picking the best keyboard isn’t as simple as it at first may seem. Keyboard is a very personal pick. Fancy keyboards with shiny back lighting might seem a tempting purchase, but the truth is that they are made that way only to lure dumb customers, who think that they are ultra pro gamers. Of course, fancy things are nice, but a good and knowledgeable gamer will pick a keyboard based on it’s layout, type and switches… and of course price as well.
How to make the difficult decision?

Keyboard layout isn’t as important as the other factors, because it’s usually just something that you have to get used to.
The type of keyboard, however, is the most important decision you have to make. Please do not worry, though, because it’s a very simple decision to make. There are commonly two types of keyboards: just regular keyboards and mechanical ones.

If you want to be considered a serious gamer you should definitely go with a mechanical keyboard. They have switches under the keys to determine when the player has clicked the key and then sends the signal to the computer. If you have never used a mechanical keyboard, playing League of Legends on it will feel very different. Your clicks will feel tacky and they WILL become more accurate, trust me. It feels as if you completely understood your keyboard and exactly know how it’s going to react to your click. That sentence was a bit poetical and silly but seriously, if you want to be good at League of Legends, get a mechanical keyboard. As I previously mentioned, the other factor you have to consider is the switches.

Blue switches – They are very clicky and noisy, but they will feel very satisfying when typing.
Green switches – They are similar to blue switches.
Brown switches – They are like blue switches but without the noisy click, they are often considered good for league of legends.
White switches – They are like brown ones, but they provide a bit more
Black switches – They have no tactile feedback, unless it is pressed all the way down. This gives them a stronger spring that resets it faster. This means extremely fast double clicking, which can be crucial for LoL.
Red switches – They are very similar to black switches but have a weaker spring.

Another factor you might consider is whether pro LoL player use that keyboard. If they have made it in competetive league, and most probably have summoner ranking, then these keywords must be good, right?

Let’s jump towards the best keyboard for league of legends, shall we?

Name Logitech G710+ Razer Blackwidow Ultimate Corsair Vengeance K70
Price $89.9 $107.99 $169.99
Switches Cherry MX Brown/Cherry MX Blue Razer green – Cherry MX Blue or Razer orange – Cherry MX Brown Vengeance MX Brown/Vengeance MX Blue/Vengeance MX Red
Some Players who use Dyrus, Bjergsen, Wildturtle Chaox, ROBERTxLEE, Doublelift Team Cloud 9
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Logitech G710+

This is one of the most popular gaming keyboards out there, as you could see from the table above, it’s used by various very well known pro league of legends players. This means that this keyboard must be top notch.


It has control keys such as play, pause, skip and so on.
It has a volume control roller.
It has Cherry MX Brown switches that are quiet and can be used for playing League of Legends at night.
It features 6 macro keys, that can be programmed – can prove very useful in certain situations!
It is backlit. (shines in the dark, yay!)
You can plug your headphones and mic into it.
A game mode key that disables the windows button, so you do not accidentally minimize the game.
A lot of pro players use it.


The cord of this keyboard is pretty bad – it is made of rubber and doesn’t bend much.
It needs 2 usb ports. (However you will gain 1 usb port on the keyboard itself)

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate

best gaming keyboard for league of legends

It’s one of the most popular if not the most popular gaming keyboard there is. A lot of LoL players use it and have had great success with it. It has awesome advantages but also some disadvantages.


It looks very sexy – the design is great.
Has two types of switches that you can pick from. (spoiler: they feel amazing.)
Sick Razer Synapse 2.0 software that can produce very basic to high end key customization. (different macros and other cool stuff).
Multiple profiles for different games (one for league of legends, one for cs:go)
Can plug your headphones, mic and usb into it.
Feels awesome for just typing.


It’s quite big and heavy.
I had to swap out mine, because a key often did double clicks (probably won’t happen to you)

Corsair Vengeance K70

best keyboards for league of legends

This is a very high end keyboard that has amazing features. It’s the most expensive keyboard on this list and I think that that should speak a bit for itself. If you are a fan of visual effects that I previously criticized, then don’t worry, they look amazing on this keyboard and it’s added to lure you, but who cares? It’s known to be a spectacular keyboard and when you have the money for it, why the hell not?


Aluminium finish – light weight, looks impressive.
100% anti-ghosting – accurate gameplay, no unregistered clicks.
Very durable!
Comfortable wrist rest that can be detached.
Can assign macro keys.
RGB animation – multi colored sexy keys.
Multimedia controls – play, pause etc. And roller to control volume, like the G710+
Corsair Utility Engine – Similar to the razer software.


No USB port on it.
Corasair Utility Engine is pretty bad.
Needs 2 USB ports

If price is no concern for you, I would go with this keyboard. It all comes down to personal preference, but this keyboard might just be the best keyboard for league of legends. Check it out on amazon by clicking on this button.