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With streaming gaining popularity, come new streamers that are looking to attract as many followers as possible. If you are looking to start out or are a fairly well known streamer already, this article will help you attract viewers by picking a microphone that makes your voice sound smooth and crisp and thus is pleasant and relaxing for the viewers.

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In this list of streaming microphones you will find 3 microphones from cheapest to the more expensive ones that perform amazingly well for commentaries and of course live streams.


How to pick a microphone for streaming?

The first thing when picking anything is to take your budget into account. Higher price usually means better sound quality, but at some point the price increases a lot but the sound quality doesn’t get that much better. Then again, it’s beneficial to get the best sound quality possible. Picture this scenario: a random twitch viewer clicks on a random stream about a game that he/she likes. The viewer is more than likely to click straight away from it if the stream has annoying background noise.

Next you need to consider what microphone type you need. The best microphone for twitch or youtube (where you need to do commentaries) would be a unidirectional microphone, also called a “cardioid” microphone. They are good because they only pick up sound from one direction. This means that your keyboard strokes along with your mouse clicks wouldn’t be recorded. What remains is just your astonishingly crisp voice. The microphone can be either dynamic or condenser, there aren’t many dynamic microphones nowadays and they are pretty bad anyway.

Only the best microphones that fit the criteria will be listed here. Thorough research has been done for this list to find the best picks for the reader.


3 Best Microphones for Streaming


CAD-u37 USB Condenser Microphone

microphone for streaming


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This an amazon best seller. It is a cardioid microphone and is thus an excellent choice for recording your voice for streaming. It is also an USB microphone, this means that you can just plug it in and start streaming, it works for windows, macintosh and linux. This microphone should be more than enough for non-professionals as it picks up a bit too much of background noise and other unnecessary noise.


  • Under $50! – GREAT PRICE
  • Low background “hiss”
  • USB microphone – plug in and start using
  • Good sound quality



  • Picks up a bit too much unnecessary noise – a pop filter is required
  • The microphone stand is bad – another stand is needed for optimal usage
  • Need to tweak the gain levels and pick the right distance for good sound quality

As you can see it’s not perfect, but you can’t expect to find a perfect microphone for under $50. Seriously, if you are just starting out doing your commentaries on youtube or twitch live streams it’s an admirable microphone. It does such a good job, it’s definitely one of the best if not the best microphone in terms of the price to quality ratio. If you want to buy it or check out more information about it, click on the button below!

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Blue Yeti USB Microphone

best microphone for streaming

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This microphone is also an amazon best seller and a huge advancement from the previous microphone. It’s better in all aspects – sound quality, design, features, elimination of background noise. The only thing it is not better at is price. It costs more than double the price of CAD-u37. The Blue Yeti has a premium feel and you don’t have to be ashamed to be seen with it on twitch, it is a very good investment for your streaming career.


  • Multiple pattern selection (stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid and bidirectional) for different situations – you will most likely still use the cardioid option
  • Gain control and mute button along with zero-latency headphones output – great features
  • USB Microphone – plug in and start streaming
  • Premium design – the design of this microphone is stunning
  • Amazing sound quality – your voice will have a premium feel just like the microphone
  • Extremely durable – the microphone is made from aluminium
  • The stand is very good, don’t need to buy another one
  • Eliminates unnecessary noise – a pop filter isn’t required


  • Expensive – not everyone can afford to pay more than $100 for a microphone
  • Sound quality could always be better
  • It’s huge

If you are not an audio pro and don’t want to mess around with all the technical things but still need breathtaking quality, it’s the microphone for you. You don’t need to tweak the settings to get the best result from it. It’s a no-brainer, even a child could do professional voice overs with this microphone. It might just be the best microphone for streaming. For no headache and to not scare the twitch or youtube viewer away with your background noises, pick this microphone by clicking on the button below!

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Audio Technica AT2020 / USB version

best microphone for twitch streaming

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Even though it costs less than the Blue Yeti, don’t let yourself be fooled. It is a professional microphone and its sound quality is better than the Yeti’s but in order for it to work you need to buy extra equipment. It doesn’t come with the necessary cables. It doesn’t even come with a stand. To power it you need an external sound card so it’s a lot of messing around to get it to work. But once you do, you will be shocked by what this bad boy can accomplish. This microphone is often used in top notch sound recording studios so that alone should tell you how good it is.

The USB version eliminates the extra problems, can be just plugged in and used but costs more than the Yeti.


  • Superior sound quality


  • Needs more equipment to get it to work – total price would come to at least $150
  • Tinkering needed – for those that aren’t familiar with the technical aspects of audio it will most likely prove to come with a headache

If you are extremely serious about your twitch live streaming or youtube career you need the best microphone for streaming. This microphone is just it. If you are interested it (be ready to do some work setting it up), check it out on amazon by clicking on the button below.

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