Looking for a Gaming Mouse for Small Hands?

Are you one of those gamers that is struggling to find a suitable mouse due to small hands? The article you are just about to read will solve that problem. So prepare yourself to finally find a proper gaming mouse that isn’t too bulky.

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As previously mentioned, most gaming mice are huge, well not really, but it’s all about perspective. And for people that have small hands they sure seem that way. Just the way that a rosin appears to be huge for an ant. It can safely be concluded that most mice are made for medium hand sized people, so there is no use in reading the ordinary reviews that direct you to all but the right products. If you are interested in finding a mouse that is perfect for CS: GO, check this article out by clicking here!


Some general guidelines for picking a gaming mouse

1. Good DPI and an optical sensor
DPI meaning dots per inch essentially shows how sensitive the mouse is. The general rule for this is that usually the higher the DPI the better. Most gaming mice allow for custom regulation of DPI (you can personally change how sensitive the mouse is) so you can always lower it, but not make it higher! An optical sensor is required because it’s more accurate than other sensors. You won’t find a gaming mouse on this list that doesn’t meet these criteria. We only pick the best ones.

2. Buttons

You need to know what you are going to do with your mouse and make sure that your fingers reach all the buttons (remember, you still have small hands). For example you would want many buttons to be assigned for macros etc. That’s not necessary, but a good feature to have depending on which games you play.

3. Size

A small gaming mouse is required if… well you get the idea, otherwise, why the hell are you searching for a gaming mouse for small hands!? Also, don’t go crazy and pick the smallest one there is.

4. Price

This guideline is pretty obvious, we will be searching for a mouse that has the best price to quality ratio.


Our picks for small gaming mice

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex

gaming mouse for small hands

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Our first pick for this list is the Logitech G303. Aside from looking slick and sexy as hell with a shiny G logo, it also fits all of our criteria for a general gaming mouse for those with little hands. It was made in collaboration with pro gamers, so this mouse is a pretty safe bet indeed.


  • Advanced optical sensor – It features logitech’s most advanced optical sensor
  • SUPER high DPI – the DPI of this mouse is one of the best on the market. 12,000. That’s crazy sensitive, remember it can be dimmed down so no reason to worry.
  • Customizable RGB lighting – that’s right, to compensate for your small hands it offers all-colored lighting effects. I’m kidding obviously (about the hands part).
  • Switch your DPI – the DPI can be adjusted in-game with ease.
  • Durable – a good gaming mouse needs to be durable and this mouse can handle 20 million clicks. That’s a lot.
  • Light – It’s not a heavy mouse, can be moved with ease.
  • Small – it fits your hand perfectly.


  • It only has two thumb buttons – this might actually be an advantage if you are not focused on MMO games where you might need more buttons.
  • Left side is a smooth plastic surface – this is a disadvantage because it might get slippery, a rubber surface would be better.

It’s also known to be a mouse that has one of the most satisfying click feelings. It’s also relatively cheap, so if you are in need for a small gaming mouse, definitely check it out on amazon by clicking on the button below!

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Zowie FK1

This gaming mouse is known to be a popular choice among girl gamers. This shows that if it fits girls’ hands it most probably will fit all small hands. It’s also used a lot for fps games, because of the sleek minimalistic design.

small gaming mouse

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  • Thumb buttons on both sides – this means that this mouse is also suitable for left handed gamers.
  • Plug it in and start playing – no installing of annoying drivers is needed.
  • Minimalistic design – this is both a positive and negative thing. It comes down to personal preference.
  • On the fly DPI adjustment – the DPI can be adjusted for different games.
  • Avago 3310 sensor – it’s an awesome and extremely accurate sensor that is respected among gamers.
  • Very Light – It feels like a feather in your hand.
  • Small – you should know why it’s a plus.


  • The thumb buttons are very small – they are pretty little, so it will take some practice to hit them accurately.
  • The scroll wheel gets stuck sometimes – Doesn’t happen often but it’s still an annoying thing.

If you are looking for a gaming mouse for small hands this is an excellent pick. It is used by many pro gamers (especially asian ones, who usually have smaller hands) for different genres of games such as fps and so on. Many league of legends players also use it! It is not as accurate as the previously listed mouse, but to be honest most people don’t need that high accuracy. If minimalistic design is your thing or you are left handed pick this mouse instead. Be sure to check it out on amazon to buy it!

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