Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
Build Quality
  • Dedicated Volume Controls
  • Superb Build Quality
  • All Mechanical Cherry MX Keys
  • Requires Two USB slots
  • The center plate has a glossy finish - attracts fingerprints
4.4Overall Score

Logitech G710+ is a very well known and one of the most used mechanical gaming keyboards out there. It’s definitely a solid choice for a ton of different reasons. It is fairly cheap compared to the other gaming keyboards, yet still has at least the same or even more features. Maybe it lacks the fancy RGB color effects that the other overpriced keyboards have, but a real gamer doesn’t usually care for that.

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Why you should pick it over other gaming keyboards

It is an all around good keyboard. You don’t only have to use it for gaming, it does a damn fine job at everything else. You can get it with either MX Cherry Brown or Blue switches – so there is an option that comes down to personal preference.

What many keyboards don’t have, but G710+ does, is the feature of dampening key switches beneath keycaps. This eliminates a lot of the noisy clicking sound. This means that the keyboard could be effectively used at night – you won’t wake others up and maybe also for streaming where the clicking sound might prove to be annoying to the viewers.

It is also a very popular keyboard choice for many pro gamers and thus is featured in our list of best keyboard for league of legends. You can check the list out by clicking here.

It has dedicated audio buttons that are extremely convenient and can be used to switch songs, adjust volume with a roller etc.

It has 6 programmable G-keys. These keys can be assigned for different macros that can actually be created on the fly without exiting the game. Most of the nowadays gaming keyboards have this, but it’s still a nice feature at this price.

Even though it looks cheaper than some other modern high-end keyboards, it doesn’t perform cheap. The general rule is not to judge a book by its cover. They keyboard is actually extremely durable, the keys have been tested to last up to 50 million presses. Many of its users have claimed the keyboard has just perfectly for them for 3 years already and still going strong.

Talking about the price, it’s extremely good for something that has this nice features.

Some other features

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As can be seen from the picture, you can have different profiles for games and can easily assign macros to the macro keys. How it works is simple. You just click the macro record button, record your macro and assign it to a key. It can also be done in-game, which is quite convenient.

It also comes with a palm rest. Some people are big fans of them. It can be detached so it’s just a nice bonus that comes with the keyboard.

It has single color backlights which don’t look as fancy as the new and fresh RGB coloring with miraculous effects. That shouldn’t be a too big of a setback, unless of course, you are buying a keyboard to show off. If you want to show off we would suggest the Corsair K70.

Final Words

It’s considered the best all-around mechanical keyboard out there. The quality to price ratio is simply astonishing. In addition to that, it is known to be an amazing keyboard for simply typing. That means that it can also be very effectively used for school work. If you haven’t used a mechanical keyboard before, you’d be amazed. Typing on them gives a satisfying feeling and you almost feel like you actually enjoy doing your essays. Of course after work comes gaming that this keyboard is built for. With the macro systems, sick and accurate mechanical keys it’s a beast that is used to dominate both pubs and pro games. Don’t hesitate buying it. It truly is an amazing choice. Check it out on Amazon by clicking on the button below.

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