Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR Streaming Media Player

Roku Premiere+ 4K HDR Streaming Media Player (4630CA)

I mostly bought the Roku HD player out of curiosity because a friend of mine told me that it made watching streaming shows and movies a lot more convenient than any computer program was able to. I also wanted to be able to watch things in high definition on my TV instead of on my monitor because my monitor isn’t that big. After a couple of weeks of owning the Roku, I am definitely a happy customer.

The quality of the videos looks absolutely outstanding on my television and I have yet to have a skipping issue. It is so close to full high definition video and it is easy to forget that you are actually watching streaming video. I don;t know how they made this little box capable of producing that type of quality, but I am very thankful for it.

Searching through videos is really easy and it is a lot faster than I expected when I bought it off of The menus all pop up quickly and I very rarely have to wait for more than a second to get from one page to another. That is a huge thing for me because I have owned a lot of devices that take a while to load menus and pages.

It’s also nice that I didn’t have to pay a bundle to get a product like this because I probably would have decided not to get it if it was even a little bit more expensive. Now that I have used it, though, I probably would have put way more money into it.

Everything is great when I have the Roku at my house, but I took it over to my mother’s and the quality wasn’t as good. I have heard that it is because of the internet connection, so hopefully they will figure out how to make it work better in places with less than stellar connections.

All in all, I have had a blast with my Roku and would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch their digital movies or shows on their televisions. I can’t wait to see what the future Roku will be able to do.